Understanding impact matters

When impact investors, non profits or UN agencies claim to have ‘reached’ thousands of people or ‘impacted’ millions of lives, how can we critically think about their true impact? Mission driven organizations need to prove to increasingly demanding donors that their products and services actually work . Credibly understanding, measuring and managing impact has become indispensable. By understanding impact we can all contribute to holding organizations accountable and help them improve their programs and services.

Our approach

The workshop helps a general audience and specific organizations understand the key concepts necessary to assess impact. At the end, we want participants to be sophisticated consumers of impact reports and claims, knowing how to tell the difference between genuine impact efforts and impact washing. We discuss theories of change, counterfactuals, outcome indicators and different approaches to measuring impact. We also explain how new digital tools, data sources, and analytical techniques can help organizations measure and manage their social impact better and at lower cost. The workshop takes 1 2 hours and can be held virtually or in person.

Berlin Hub partnered with Impact Hub Berlin for their first workshop which reached 60+ people.

Open Workshop

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Exclusive Event

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